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Adverse effects of climate change and the existence of earthquake risk zones have made regions in Uttarakhand disaster-ridden. An urgent need was felt for implementing disaster management strategies in the state especially after the 2013 catastrophe. DBF has formulated a range of capacity building and training programs for schools, adults and professionals for better preparedness in the face of natural disasters.

Under disaster management:

  • Mason Training for Earthquake-safe Homes

  • DBF began this initiative in 2018 with an aim to train local masons in the districts of Bageshwar, Pithoragarh and Champawat, which fall under earthquake risk zones. The project is funded by the USDMA (Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority) and is planned for five years. Our aim is to facilitate trainings with experts for 450 masons from these regions. As of now, we have trained 150 masons in building earthquake resistance homes.

  • Trainings for National School Safety Program

  • For the year 2017-18, DBF prepared a series of disaster management trainings under the NSSP with 200 school students in Bageshwar and Rudraprayag districts. The trainings used mock drills and creative methods such as essay writing and drawing competitions to prepare and sensitize students for disaster eventualities. The project was funded by District Disaster Mitigation Centre, Dehradun and the State Disaster Management Authority, Uttarakhand.

  • Disaster Preparedness Training Program

  • The program began last year and focuses on imparting disaster management training over several phases to women and youth groups in the Raipur block of Dehradun district. The project is funded by the District Disaster Management Authority, Dehradun.

  • Disaster Preparedness Training Program, Tyuni

  • The program was conducted in five villages in the Tyuni tehsil of Dehradun in collaboration with the District Disaster Management Authority in 2016-17.